Magic The Gathering: Black Deck Blues

Hello everyone,

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as I try to balance putting a book together while working full time. My side of it is almost done and I’m working with an artist to complete the rest. I’m just not sure how I want to release information about it, thus why I haven’t posted much on here.

That being said, I’ve been analyzing the stats on this site and it seems like you guys prefer my gaming content anyway! If that is the case I might just double down on those articles and keep my professional work to myself. ;p

With that in mind here is today’s look at my new MTG deck.


After a lot of building and testing I have come to a sad conclusion about my Silumgar deck… The Necromaster Dragon doesn’t fit.

He is so majestic!

He is so majestic!

While building this deck i have been focusing on the extort mechanic and he just doesn’t impact it. His ability is good, but it isn’t game changing and he isn’t strong enough to end the game on his own. I would rather have another creature to sacrifice in the deck or another slot of instance and sorcery spells.

Now a lesser man, with a lesser love, would give up on the Necromaster. they would call him under-powered, and not worth his time. But I care too deeply, and I am to stubborn to give up. I also bought four copies so I may as well try…

Here is my new Necromaster deck plan! Just double down on zombies and pulling from my graveyard. For generals I have the Necromaster, the Rakshasa Gravecaller and the Risen Executioner (you can see these guys below). They will create zombies and buff them, I will also include an assortment of other undead, all low cost and hopefully with graveyard effects of their own. The rest will be instances and sorceries designed to pull from the graveyard like Gravepurge and corpseweft.

So it’s a standard zombie aggro deck with a splash of blue to support my dragons and allow for counters (probably negate). It may need another tweek or two down the road but this is kind of a tried and true strategy: make a lot of zombies and overrun the opponent. Now I just need to pull together all the little meanies to make up the first few turns of play.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Keep in mind I want to keep it as standard as possible and I want to keep the deck cost pretty low.


Any Love for Silumgar?

Dragonlord Silumgar in all his glory.

Dragonlord Silumgar in all his glory.

Any one who follows my blog probably knows I play Magic The Gathering. It isn’t my favorite system, and I wouldn’t call myself a competitive player, but most of my friend group plays it, so I do my best to keep up with our private cold-war. While preparing for the next arms race, I took a look at the new block and absolutely fell in love with the black/blue dragon clan led by Dragon Lord Silumgar. I love their design and I love their ethos: control, kill, and resurrect your foes. They embody a quiet disdain for life and an almost decadent lust for power. That’s my kind of dragon!

When I went to my local game store today, I noticed the starter deck for their clan came with a Necromaster Dragon. I was pumped! This was one of the cards I had been most excited for. Just look at its ability!

The rest of the cards in the deck work off sacrifices, and this card is designed to give them fodder – seems like a great combo. So I asked the man at the counter how much single copies of him cost (I wanted four after all) and he said they were only a dollar. No one is using them…

He told me Silumgar himself gets play, but I can’t for the life of me understand why the Necromaster is so under played. Silumgar has a massively powerful ability so I can understand why he is going for $20 (even if no is using his clan-mates) but it seems like his brood has been left behind. Is this clan seeing less use then the others, or am I just missing something?

Beyond an answer to that puzzler, I would also like some help with this deck. I want a win condition that focuses on the Exploit mechanic (or at least sacrifices) while also utilizing the cool dragons this clan has to offer. I want to keep the theme without sacrificing my game plan too much. I know that’s a lot to ask for, so I would be willing to scrap most of the starter deck as long as I keep the Necromaster and his buddy the Ruthless Deathfang. As usual, any help would be most appreciated.

One final note: take a good look at the pendent around Silumgar’s neck. This is why I love him…

A Spine-Chilling Kickstarter!



I know I promised a break down of my children’s book today but I’ve got something else for you to take a look at. My friends at Unearthing Shadows have a Kickstarter for their show and I’d like you to take a look at it. Even if you don’t donate you can follow their links and get involved in their work. If you are at all into ghost-hunting and the paranormal, they are worth checking out.

You can see their Kickstarter here: 

Their YouTube page here:

And follow their blog here: 

Show them some love and you might even see some ghostly content on this site!

April Updates

Hey! It’s been awhile. I’ve been extremly busy over the last few weeks. Some of it was writing, but most of it was work related. I’ve been meaning to get on here sooner but I havn’t had much of a chance. Even now I’m resorting to using my Ipad to write this update (hint hint, forgive the typos). But I figured now, as things are cooling down again, I would start my new posts by explaining what I’ve been up to.

I posted a while ago about my new job but mentioned it was temperary. I was offered a full-time possition in the same institution as a Technical Analyst and I’ve been in training for the better part of the last month. The learning curve has been very high but I really enjoy it. Now that I’m a full time employee I can focus more on my writing during my spare time. No more long stretches without posting! I hope…

On the writing side I’ve been trying to clean up old projects before I refocus on my new novel. I’ve finished a pitch for a new film and I’m working on a children’s book. At the moment, I’m trying to fine tune the ryhm scheme I’m using in the children’s book.

In my next post I’ll give you a better idea of where I am with the project. It’s a fun little book and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes!